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Mt Warning Cycling Spectacular


Want to volunteer at an event that actually gives you excitment and make you part of the race!

The upcoming Mt Warning Cycling Spectacular would not be possible without the numerous volunteers who generously offer their time and support to this great event. We always need help and would love you, your club, or your organization to come out and join us.

We are looking for 100 people to become a part of the action. Whether you are a student looking for practical experience, someone who actively wants to contribute to their community, or a group looking to raise money for their team/club, we need you!

Register your details to become a part of the Battle. Pick one day or all the days.

Our remarkable volunteers provide race-day assistance in exchange for the following benefits:

•             Clearly assigned roles & the responsibility of fulfilling those roles

•             Experience in running a large outdoor sporting event

•             To mingle with Australia’s cycling professionals

•             Support the Tweed community

•             Being part of a major Event & Festival

•             Volunteer T-Shirt

•             Certificate of appreciation & reference.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Car Park Marshal  You will guide competitors and spectators to the designed car parking area and if necessary to registration.
Feed Zone Assistant  Manage the Feed Zone Area. Ensure that all riders only feed on the LEFT side of the road. Liaise with the locals to ensure Spectators are respecting property. Report and incidents or injuries.
King of the Mountain (KOM) King of the Mountain (KOM) or Queen of the Mountain (QOM) is a point on the course where competitors are racing to be first up the hill. You must record the first three (3) people in EVERY division over the KOM line. Record every place getter in each division on the table and calculate the KOM points. 1st receive 5 points, 2nd receive 3 points and 3rd receives 1 point. Some groups of riders will have more than one division in it and you must record the first second third for both divisions within the group.
Registration Registration Thursday night - You must take the rider license of the Participant and give them their racing pack. Make sure that their race number is the same as the bag number you are giving them. Highlight their name. If they do not have a license the Chief Commissaire will have to approve their registration.

Registration Friday, Saturday, Sunday - all participants must sign (signature) next to the stage they are competing in each day. You are not permitted to give back riders license Saturday or Sunday without an official's permission. Monday after competitors are finished all licenses can be return only when you receive the transponder back. LICENSES MUST NOT BE RETURNED WITHOUT THE TRANSPONDER.

Turn Point Marshal You must ensure all competitors turn at the right spot on the course. Record their number as they go past you as a double check to ensure there is no cheating on the course.
Crew Manager Sign off all volunteers as they arrive. Give them their information packs, food, vouchers, water and equipment. You must also ensure throughout the day additional food and water is taken to the volunteers who are out on course.
TT Holder (Race Marshal) You must hold the cyclists on the start list for the start of their Time Trial. This is done by simple placing your hands under their seat and helping the cyclists balance.
TT Marshal
(Race Marshal) 
It is very important that all cyclists are lining up in the correct order ready to go off at the right time for their Time Trial. Time Trial starts will be every 30 seconds. You must work down the list and line up the cyclists in the correct order. A bit like herding sheep...
Lead Car Driver Lead car drivers are at the front of the racing group. They will ride in front of the group of cyclists and police and direct them where to go. You must at all times stay a minimum of 50-80m away from the cyclists. Always be watching in your rear view mirror and remember when going down hills cyclists can reach speeds of up to 80km/hr. You must speed up as well when going into the turn point to ensure you allow yourself enough time to turn around the point before the cyclists catch up. Check what race you are doing and how many laps. Clear your odometer on your car so you know how far you have gone and how far you have got left. Radio to the turn point when you are coming into the turn at Mooball and to the finish line when you are coming in for your laps and finish.
Comm 1 / 2 Assistant If you are driving with a commissaire you are to take notes for them as requested. You will scribe as the commissaire indicates if any rules are breached.
Spare 1 / 2 Driver You will be following behind the commissaires with spare wheels in your car. If you see a cyclists on the side of the road pull up immediately and give them a wheel to change their mechanical. The cyclists will know how to change their own wheel and which wheel is appropriate to use. You are not required to assist the cyclists get back to the bunch. After the mechanical is fixed quickly move back to your position in the race behind the commissaire. Record any wheels that are taken, whose wheel and who it goes to.
Sag Driver This driver is to remain behind the last rider in your race. Stay behind them at all times to protect the group and ensure that all participants get home safely. If you see someone on the side of the road, help them either by calling for their spares or if they are not able to finish the race put them in your car to take back to base. You are to continue following the race and drop off the rider only when you pass base.
Aid Station There are 3 Aid Stations for the Fondo Ride. Station 1 - Billinudgel Store Wilfred Street, you will have water cannisters and fruit. Station 2 - Mooball Hotel, Tweed Valley Way, bars, muffins, lollies, chocolates, water, fruit. Station 3 - Tyalgum Coodgie Road in the parkland in front of the Tyalgum Pub. water, bars, muffins, water, fruit. you must assist the cyclists with aid and respond to any incidents or requirements for assistance.


Cycling Officials or Commissaires are vital to the successful, safe and fair running of any cycling event in Australia. Without these dedicated volunteers to the sport, the events would not be possible.

QSMsports would like to thank all the commissaires for their time and effort and encourage anyone who is interested in cycling to become an official to the sport.

Put back into the sport you love. For more information visit the Cycling Queensland website: www.qld.cycling.org.au

What should I bring?

Weather appropriate clothing (layering works best), sunglasses, sun hat, warm clothes, water, reading material, snack food, day backpack, sunscreen, camp chair, camera, emailed volunteer information, enthusiasm, patience. 


For inquiries and to join, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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