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Battle Recharge

Rider Updates

The Battle Recharge has been an initiative of NX Sports, Destination NSW and the Tweed Shire Council in an effort to assist in the rebuilding of the Tweed after the devastating floods earlier in the year. The Battle Recharge will not only again showcase the best cyclists in Australia with the National Road Series but show that the Tweed is again open for business and is the same welcoming series of towns that make the region unique. 

The original Battle on the Border was cancelled due to the floods and the new date was bought forward to September 23 - 25 to replace the Canberra Tour which will not be run in 2017. 

As the race organisation has developed in quick time, we have tried to keep riders and teams as up to date as possible. Unfortunately course selection and race scheduling has seen some changes to fit in with some local events and keep abreast of road conditions that are still being reconstructed after the floods. 

For those who missed some of the emails or would just like to keep informed we have the time line of information below from most recent to original. 

Date Title View PDF
 August 3 Battle Day 2
 July 30 Battle Day 1
 July 21 Battle Update 5
 July 14 Battle Update 4
 June 30 Battle Update 3
 June 19 Battle Update 2

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